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We would like to help you with this procedure regarding the "SME Portfolio" procedure if you want to use it to pay for our services. The complete procedure (manual) can be found below.



You have received a quote from us. It states which issues can be subsidized via KMO Portefeuille. Matters that do not qualify for a subsidy include the license to the software. The application procedure for the SME portfolio is completely digital. If you want to apply for a grant for the first time, you must first register your company.



You can do this via this link:

Each grant application is made online after you have entered into an advice agreement with Lexit or have registered for a training at Lexit. We insist that your grant application is submitted before the start of the work.

Note: What is the difference between "depositing" and "paying"?

  • DEPOSIT = you make your own contribution (70% of the project amount in the SME portfolio by depositing on the account number of Sodexo.

  • PAYMENT = You pay the Lexit invoice via the SME portfolio.


It is your job to give the order to pay via the SME portfolio. Agency Innovation & Entrepreneurship does not do this automatically. Via the SME portfolio you use both your own contribution and the subsidy part for the payment of the invoice.


Our approval numbers:

  • For the pillar Advice: DV.A233038

  • For the Education pillar: DV.O233039


On, click on the pink "Request" button and register with your electronic identity card or other means of authentication.


Select your company now and indicate whether this is a small, medium or large company. The SME portfolio already makes a proposal based on the information at its disposal. Only if your company belongs to a group of companies do you have to find out for yourself what impact these companies have on the size determination and if necessary you have to change the suggested size.


The SME portfolio is an online support measure in which all reporting takes place via e-mail. So check whether the e-mail address they have can be used for this. If you want to change this, you can do this via your company photo.


You will receive an annual subsidy budget based on your company size:

  • small businesses = 10,000 euros

  • medium-sized companies = 10,000 euros

This subsidy budget applies for the rest of the calendar year.

Step 1


To successfully submit a support application, you must go through five steps. The first step is to determine your main activity. Enter the five-digit code of your main activity here. Your main activity is the activity that generates the most revenue. You can find this code in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.


Step 2

Now describe what you are applying for.


Step 3

Choose Lexit as the Service Provider. Our approval number are:

  • For the pillar Advice: DV.A233038

  • For the Education pillar: DV.O233039


Step 4

In the penultimate step you only have to confirm that the project data is correct and that it meets the legal requirements.


Step 5

With a successful support application you will receive a subsidy number and the deposit details for your own contribution.


And then further?

You now only have to pay your own contribution and pay Lexit (your service provider).

Your subsidy has now been requested.


Step 1 of 3: payment of own share.


Step 2 of 3: receipt of subsidy.


Step 3 of 3: pay your invoice via the SME portfolio.


After payment, KMO-Portefeuille asks your opinion about the quality of the service provider. Your grant application will receive the status "Finished" when the full project amount has been paid to the service provider. You can find the projects in the history of your SME portfolio.

Need help or do you have a question?


Call, email or chat for free with 1700. 1700 is available by phone every working day from 9 am to 7 pm.

You can also call from abroad on the paying number +32 2 553 1700.

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